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I’ve been wearing a Fitbit Charge HR (Black, large edition) for over 6 months straight now, only taking it off to shower or swim — I feel I now have enough of a history to properly give my opinion.

Simply, it’s great, after the first few weeks you don’t even notice it on your arm physically, but the mental reminder is constantly there to get you moving. I’m addicted to checking the quality of my sleep and my on-going heart rate. It’s so interesting to see how my resting heart rates ebbs and flows depending on how stressful or busy my life is. It can clearly be seen the increased heart rate in busy weeks where I have lots of projects or life stresses occurring.

The latest updates to the Fitbit app make it even better. My 2 favourite updates are the encouraged 250 steps at least per hour. As my work generally is an “office job” I’m mostly sat in front of my iMac for 8+ hours.. The new update encourages me to get up at least every hour to have a walk around, play some table tennis or even doing some skipping. The other great update is the automatic sport tracking, being a lover of running and cycling it’s great to see the app automatically detect when you’re doing these activities and appropriately give you credit and information.

Overall the Fitbit Charge HR is always there to both give me reassurance of my activities and health, but also the push needed on lazy days to get up and push that extra few %. There’s been so many occasions where my step count is ~9500 at 10pm, and I decide to do a mini 5 minute workout of star jumps/stretches/walking around just to get that 10,000 step goal.

My conclusion: Buy it now on Amazon

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